December R995 R495

Special offer only available until 15 December 2018

Only a limited number of clients accepted

Due to the intensive marketing we can only accept a limited number of clients during any given time.

If you find that you cannot checkout (the billing system will display "out of stock") please check again in a few days because our packages are for 30 days and not month to month and a client's campaign can thus expire at any time during a month.

More and more clients restart their campaigns again so we will look into ways to expand our capability but unfortunately it's not really a priority at this moment because we offer this to help businesses and not as a business level income generating service.

What we offer and do

As said above we offer this service to help and in order to do that we don't want to bound ourselves and make it difficult with a fixed offer and prefer a best and flexible approach for each individual client, product or service.

What we do is to engage with each client to see what they want to promote and what information or marketing material (Ads, website, FB page etc) they have as well as what is the quality thereof and based on that we then create landing pages, banner ads, facebook posts, promotional articles etc what we can use for such campaign.

Even more and what few people know but every real marketing expert can tell you, is that it's very rare that even the very best can create a successful ad the first time and it's very important to TEST different ads and approaches for each individual campaign and that is precise that such flexible offer approach enable us to do as it don't limit us to this or that but give us the freedom to test and find the best solution for each individual client, product or service.

Banner Ads

We design at least two but possible three banner ads for you that can appear at any given time and round the clock on any of our 50+ town portals.

FB Posts and Ads

Few people know it but FB is full of nonsens and easily surpress or reject even perfectly designed ads so we have to test ads before we can use it.

Content Marketing

While we provide a promotional article or two you are welcome to provide us with as much content (articles, videos etc) as you want so that we can distribute it on our group to gain extra exposure for you.

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